Just missed out on the HRH Benjart sport Navy Track-set?

Today’s your lucky day, the luxury street wear brand have announced a full restock at 6pm this evening!

Hit the link below to get yours! Don’t forget to give them a follow!

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About Benjart: 

The brand of Benjart is borne from shattered dreams… After finding obstructions in his path and being faced with difficult decisions, Mr Benjart had to persevere to break down barriers or find alternative routes to the top. These are life experiences that everyone must endure in order to find success, and Benjart is still climbing, so join him on his journey, and learn his story through the different stages of releases.

My Shattered Dreams is a concept that was conceived by Mr Benjart at a time when the economic climate was affecting businesses worldwide, and although Benjart believed the recession could potentially harm his ability to succeed, he knew needed a more positive perspective to prevent anything hindering his course to realise his goals.
Rather than being negative, and losing hope at the sight of the shattered pieces of his dreams, Benjart began to recuperate. He gathered his thoughts, reassessed and rebuilt the old targets, imagined new dreams and constructed new plans to achieve them.

The Shattered Dreams are no more, as Benjart is putting together all the shards to rebuild and improve; to move on and grow. Of course, the current economic crisis provokes panic and stress, but Benjart’s own experiences are evidence that dreams, although broken, are by no means lost.

Want to know more about the luxury streetwear brand? Check out the interview below!

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