‘Disturbing’ Interview With Drug Dealer Highlights Serious Problem Within Society


At a glance you may watch the video and find the man’s actions deplorable, you might even go as far as to condemn him for his opinions and while you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong – throughout the brief interview, it quickly becomes obvious that we are dealing with individuals who have given up all hope in the system.

Between the lack of real role models, unlawful police killings and bleak job prospects, young people are becoming more and more enticed by the glamorous life of instant gratification synonymous with drugs and crime – and who can blame them?

For years, drug dealing and crime has almost been glorified by the media – be it in the form of films like The Godfather, real-life villains like the Kray twins or Hip Hop/Rap music – one message prevails: money = power and power = respect.


In a world where individuals from urban subcultures, not just in and around London but further afield too are looked down upon by society just for their upbringing, the way that they speak or the way they choose to dress, these aren’t the actions of people who want to do crime for the fun of it or because they’re too lazy to work, but the actions of individuals who are tired of being stepped out and treated as if they’re inferior.

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Images via: Biography.com, mediadiversified

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