How Culture Vultures Have Hijacked The Grime Scene

In the past year or so, Grime has scaled to epic proportions – thanks to not only some amazingly talented newcomers and the work of the Grime scene veterans who paved the way for the genre, but arguably thanks to Canadian rapper Drake.


The ‘6 god’ artist has been a firm supporter of the urban scene for some time now and is possibly just one of the reasons that so many people have jumped on the bandwagon.

Grime music has always gotten a bad rap, but things have changed as of late and it’s almost as if new school fans have been following the scene from Lord of the mics 1 days.

Now, it’s as if the genre has been celebrated widely by all from day one.
The real story couldn’t be more different though, it’s unlikely that those who didn’t know about the Grime scene before Stormzy and 0161 champ Bugzy Malone have even heard of Sharky Major, Fuda Guy, Ruff Swqad or THAT iconic Bashy vs Demon clash – not to mention knowing that names like Wiley, Dizzee, Skepta, Kano, Ghetto, Tinchy Stryder and JME (to name a few) are synonymous with Grime music and highly regarded as pioneers for the movement of the genre.

While we’re ecstatic to see that Grime is at the pinnacle of success – it seems that for many, it’s an important part of the culture, whereas for others – it’s nothing more than a fad – we’re hoping it doesn’t fizzle out.

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