No BAFTA If Your Film Isn’t Diverse…But Does This Solve The Problem?


In short, no.

The media industry has been rife with discrimination since the beginning of time (more or less).

To some extent, great strides have been taken to ensure that people from ethnic minority backgrounds are better represented on the big screen – but has it made a lasting difference?

Once again, a resounding no.

No ethnic minority wants to be casted for a role simply for the colour of their skin.

What we have here, is systematic discrimination with a side of perfunctoriness.


Whether it’s actually discrimination or merely ignorance remains to be seen, but what we can say is that these so called acts of “equality” could potentially be more damaging than helpful for the reasons outlined above.

As many of you will already be aware, earlier this year many celebrities boycotted the Oscars for the lack of black nominees for the awards, despite some absolutely stunning performances.

This prompted global furore and hashtags like #oscarssowhite.

Will this new BAFTA rule see more diverse nominees and in turn, winners? Probably not. Nor does it actually tackle the issue.

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