How Social Media Is Low Key F*cking Up Your Life


How bad can it be?

Slowly but surely, social media has increased greatly in popularity in the last decade alone.

The introduction of platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have given rise to a new generation of retweeting, double-tapping, dog-filter loving individuals who spend hours a day on social media.

But with all that time spent on social media, there has to be some downsides right?

With over 400 million users worldwide on Instagram alone, we find ourselves spending unholy amounts of time scrolling through our phones, hash-tagging and somewhat concerningly – comparing our own lives with those we see online.

On top of that, there’s the common misconception that plentiful likes and thousands followers directly correlate to popularity and importance – when in reality, that isn’t always necessarily true.

We compare our wardrobes to those who wear high-end designer labels, our bodies to people who train every day and our lifestyles to Instagrammers who are seemingly always on holiday in the world’s most luxurious destinations – it creates an instant gratification paradigm, and quite frankly – makes us feel sh*t about our own lives.

Health experts have often warned about the risks of consuming too much social media and that it is closely linked with a number of negative emotions, including: depression, anxiety, jealously, loneliness, stress and pressure.

Going forward, we should take social media with a pinch of salt and not let it impact on our daily lives, least of all our emotional state.

Let us know how long you spend on social media and how you feel like (if at all) it affects you.

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