Stand Up To Racism Are Organising An Anti-Trump Protest In January


And over 1,000 people are already attending.

Much to the displeasure of many, Donald Trump was elected US President back in November.

The protest, called “No to Trump’s racism” will kick off on January 20 to protest against the newly elected President’s inauguration.

Let’s face it, a lot of things that Trump has said – especially during his campaign – has been deplorable.

And it seems like no one is safe, be it; Immigrants, Muslims, blacks, Mexicans or women – who voted for this guy?

We’re not about to get into everything the man has said but it’s hard to imagine there wasn’t a better candidate out there.

The rally will take place at the U.S. Embassy in London between 5PM – 8PM, as well as several more spots around the country, including: Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Norwich – people really are pissed at this dude!

Head to the Stand Up To Racism Facebook page for more information.

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