#UNDISCOVERED | Introducing one of Philadelphia’s finest bespoke suit designers


LeGrand Leseur is a 24 year old award winning fashion designer from Philadelphia who is the leading men’s designer in the city. While men’s clothing has been stagnant over the years, LeGrand Leseur has been taking men’s fashion in a completely different direction. LeGrand Leseur started designing when you could not find anything interesting enough for him to wear. He thought other people were probably in the same boat.

LeGrand Leseur is known for his interesting color choice and combinations, unique shapes and cuts and his over the top vibrancy. He invented the triangle breast pocket, the oval breast pocket, the elite peak extend lapel as well as the angled color bias buttonhole and the stitched in angled cuff. LeGrand Leseur has female models next to his clothing because women are actually more drawn to his work than men. Having already surpassed his peers in the city, he looking to take over the world of fashion over the next few years with his flamboyant and delightful designs.

“I design so I can find my Mona Lisa.” – LeGrand Leseur

LeGrand Leseur is launching his eyewear line at the end of May 2015. The line is uni-sex with a focus on vintage happiness and flair inspired by the early 1930’s moving picture stars.

You can keep up to date with LeGrand Leseur at the following:





Photography Credit: Brian Hunt of Ethimo Foto

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