What Using Tinder For 5 Minutes Taught Us About The World


The world is a very, very shallow place, especially on Tinder.

For our last video, we thought we’d try out the popular online dating app for shits n’ gigs and here’s what we found:

Firstly, you can only login to the app using your social media profile – something that quite a few people fall down on – especially when their Facebook profile picture is them on their wedding day with their spouse – awks!

Once you’ve managed to login however, Tinder populates your feed with whatever your preference: male or female – then all you have to do is swipe.


Given that the app is all about matching people based mainly on looks, unless your profile picture manages to catch the eye of a potential partner, you could be getting a lot of left swipes.

Tinder has a plethora of scantily-clad, Snapchat-filter using singletons (and some not-so-single) waiting for you to like their picture with the ultimate goal being to hook up.

The thing is, it’s turning Tinder users into narcissistic, image-obsessed worriers, who – from what we can imagine – could easily cause low self-esteem and body confidence issues if unlucky in finding love.


Sure you may be able to find love on the app – and even a relationship based on mutual interests and attraction, but there’s something a little sinister about matching people based on looks alone and as such Tinder is widely known for casual encounters – especially as a lot of the time you’ll be talking with/dating more than one person.

Turns out looks are the most important thing – we’ll stick to the old fashioned way of meeting people…

Let us know if you’ve ever used Tinder or a similar online dating app and your thoughts on it.

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