Why It’s Time For Big Publications To Put Some Respect On Benjart


It’s time for the big publications to put some respect on premium streetwear brand Benjart.

Benjart is undeniably one of the only fashion brands in the UK that fully represents and encapsulates the culture – so why are  media outlets like Hypebeast, High Snobiety and Complex not raving about it?

It’s certainly not down to of a lack of popularity as the brand currently boasts a healthy social following of well over 100,000 and produce some absolutely incredible garments.


A couple of years ago, we interviewed the man behind the brand “Mr Benjart”, who shared his inspirational story on the rise of his clothing label and how he started it with just £100.

Nearly a decade later and Benjart has successfully grown to become one of the leading streetwear staples in the London scene.


Benjart’s ethos is admirable and for those of you who follow them on social media you’ll see their daily inspirational posts from the founder himself – how many brands can you say does that?

Still, it irks us that organisations like the above who claim to be about the culture  – aren’t giving it the recognition that it deserves, when anyone who knows the brand will tell you that it mirrors London’s streetwear culture much more adequately than brands like Patta, Supreme and Palace do.

Check out Benjart’s collection here.

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